Creating Your Own Git Server

Ever considered setting up and running your very own git server? It’s actually quite easy! In this post, I’ll outline the steps I took to set up my own so that you can give it a try yourself. But first, why might you even want to go through the trouble of setting up your own server?

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You Don't Want a Tax Refund

Tax time is approaching and this year, like every year, it is common to hear people excited about receiving their tax return discussing the exciting purchases they plan on making with this perceived windfall.

I want to challenge this conventional wisdom by stating a true but unpopular fact: getting a tax return is not necessarily a good thing and, in most cases, is actually the least desirable financial outcome one can achieve.

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Archive the Internet

As the Internet continues to grow and age, we are seeing more and more of a phenomenon called “link rot”. Link rot is the all-too-familiar experience of returning to a bookmark or link only to find that it’s no longer maintained, been taken down, or even changed to something else. What can we do about this?

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2019 Reading Review

In 2019, I read 27 books. This was less than last year’s 40 and is not an overly impressive quantity for any serious reader, yet I’m happy with both the amount and the content that I read this year. Below, I’ll give a brief summary of my favorites.

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Evaluating Markdown Code Blocks in Vim

When writing Markdown it is common to have code blocks within your document that look something like this:

This is a code block:
echo "Hello, world!"

One of the great features of Emacs’ Org mode is its ability to evaluate blocks of code from within the editing environment. I always appreciated this feature about Org mode which got me to thinking about implementing something similar in Vim.

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Write Your Own Man Pages

This post was inspired by the tool um. I decided to try my hand at making my own lightweight implementation using just a shell function. I decided to name my tool ual as a nod to the fact that it complements man.

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The Birthday Problem

The “Birthday Problem” is a classic in introductory probability theory, and it never fails to impress the newly initiated. The problem goes like this:

How many people do you need to have in one room for the probability that at least 2 people in that room share a birthday to be 50%?

The answer may surprise you. Before we get to the answer though, let’s go real briefly into the math behind it.

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Make Your Mac Clean Itself

Update (6/18/2019): Since writing this post I have released a tool called pushbroom that should make all of this easier. If you have Homebrew installed simply run

brew install gpanders/tap/pushbroom

from the Terminal. Follow the instructions on the screen to setup the configuration file and start the pushbroom service.

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