I am an electrical and computer engineer specializing in space-based systems. I love to build things and understand how things work.

I have degrees in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University and aerospace engineering from the University of Texas in Austin. While at the University of Texas I worked with Dr. Todd Humphreys in the UT Radionavigation Lab where my work focused on autonomy, robotics, and controls.

I am an avid reader and enjoy books on history, economics, psychology, philosophy, and science. I keep track of what I'm reading (and occasionally write reviews) over on Goodreads.

Some of my other hobbies include skiing, biking, rock climbing, hiking, and personal finance. More than anything, I love to learn.

See my Github page for projects I've created and that I contribute to. You can also find me on Keybase and LinkedIn.

If you want to get in touch, you can contact me.